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August 11th, 2013
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Jack Reacher Comes to DVD

June 13th, 2013
It has taken several years for "Jack Reacher" to reach DVD shelves, but the wait is now over.

The movie stars Tom Cruise, who plays the title character. "Jack Reacher" is based on a series of novels by author Lee Child. In the popular books, Reacher is portrayed as a former military officer who now drifts from town to town, helping to solve crimes along the way.

For fans of the book series, the casting of Cruise proved to be a bit of a surprise. In the books, Jack Reacher is portrayed as an extremely tall man with blond hair. While Cruise does not fit the physical description of Reacher in the novel, he gets virtually every other aspect of the character down, capturing his withdrawn nature, gruff exterior and inner turmoil. Jack Reacher is a fascinating character on the page, and Cruise does him justice on the screen.

"Jack Reacher" is interestingly not based on the first book in the Reacher series. It draws its source material from "One Shot," the ninth book in the series. While this may seem like an unusual tactic by the producers of the movie, the story is strong and serves as a good introduction to the character.

Beautiful Creatures: Why It Is Worth Revisiting on DVD

June 12th, 2013
"Beautiful Creatures" was released in theaters in early 2013, and it was widely ignored by viewers. The film went on to make just under 20 million in the United States despite looking like the perfect replacement for the "Twilight" series. While the film performed terribly at the box office, that does not mean it should not be viewed on DVD.

"Beautiful Creatures" is based on the very successful book series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. When you combine this with the supernatural plot and great cast, "Beautiful Creatures" should have been a major hit.

If you are avoiding this film because it looks like a "Twilight" clone, then you are doing yourself a major disservice. "Beautiful Creatures" is entertaining from beginning to end, and it is much more similar to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" than any other film in the genre. The film features better acting and visuals than anything found in the "Twilight" series. It may even convert some new fans of the genre based on the great acting of Jeremy Irons, witty dialogue and the campy nature of the film.

It may not have been good enough to warrant a trip to the movie theater, but this overlooked film should be seen by everyone at home on DVD.

Classic 1980s Style Action Returns in The Last Stand

June 11th, 2013
When he became governor of California, no one ever thought Arnold Schwarzenegger would ever return to a leading role in the movies. With The Last Stand, he did just that. The film is a throwback of sorts to the classic action films of the 1980s. As well it should be. Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with Sylvester Stallone, helped define the genre of action films during the era.

The plot of The Last Stand is not exactly complex. In the film, Arnold plays a sheriff of a lonely border town looking forward to retirement. However, he runs afoul of a drug cartel leader trying to escape to Mexico. Truth be told, no one wants to watch this film for plot twists and highbrow themes. What they want to see is wall to wall action as was the case in movie theaters in the 1980s when films like this rolled into town every week. While The Last Stand is not a perfect film and, quite honestly, it tanked at the box office, it still remains a great diversion for those looking to kill a rainy afternoon.

Yes, The Last Stand is now out on DVD. You can soon catch Arnold in the theaters again in the upcoming Terminator 5.Can't get enough? There's more: Schwarzenegger Provides 'Terminator 5,' 'Legend of Conan' & 'Triplets' Updates

Texas Chainsaw 3D: Horror Schlock Comes to DVD

June 9th, 2013
Texas Chainsaw 3D: Horror Schlock Comes to DVD

On May 14, 2013, Lionsgate Home Entertainment released "Texas Chainsaw 3D" on DVD and Blu-ray. This slasher film debuted in theaters four months prior. It's the seventh "Texas Chainsaw" film, though this one was marketed as an immediate sequel to the first.

The original "Chainsaw" is a pioneer within the slasher genre. It was one of the first slasher movies to kill off characters with a power tool and not simply a knife. That movie revolved around masked villain Leatherface, leader of a family of cannibals living in a Texas house. This clan has a nasty habit of killing and dismembering passers-by.

What once may have been scary is now quite schlocky. As the 2013 film opens, Leatherface and his family are presumed dead. But when seemingly-normal college student Heather Miller, played by Alexandra Daddario, and her friends pass through town - Heather's traveling in order to claim inheritance money from her recently deceased grandmother's estate - they discover that quite the opposite is true. Murders ensue; blood splatters. Townspeople seek revenge. In an odd bit of plotting, Heather learns at the end that Leatherface is her cousin. In an even odder turn of events, she decides to move in with him, as he's the only family she has.